ICU Pets 2017

Pets that need donations!

Dena 1647

Dena is a very sweet girl, about 8 years old, who was surrendered to MSRNT because she was blind.  She has cataracts, which have slowed her down a bit, so she moves slowly through her foster home so she doesn’t hit doors or walls too hard.  She has been evaluated by a specialist, and the good news is that she’s a very good candidate for cataract surgery!   What a difference being able to see will make for this little girl. Her foster Mom says she is a sweetheart, who is easy to have around the house.  At a recent adoption event, she cuddled up on a lap and enjoyed being petted.  She has had several litters of puppies before, but she’s now been spayed and is looking forward to a life where she can be a beloved family pet instead of a puppy maker.  Cataract surgery is expensive — $4,000 for both eyes.  Can you help MSRNT give this little angel a new life where she can see her new world with a family who will cherish her?

Thank you for your generosity.

Make Donation for Dena’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $3947


Roger Brownlow         $   200

Jerry Burns                 $     25

Amanda Wilbur           $     50

Darlene Berry             $     25

Ronald Smith              $   100

Melanie Machado       $2,000





Aldo 1645  Adopted

Aldo is a sweet, happy and playful 3-year-old boy that came to MSRNT with a broken leg. He runs around using just three of his legs, holding up one of his rear legs. Our vet believes that due to the nature of the break, and the amount of scar tissue and muscle loss, that it cannot successfully be repaired surgically, and recommends amputation. While we would love to save his leg, it is not feasible, so we will proceed with the amputation of one of his rear legs in early January. Within about a month, this sweet, lovable boy will be ready for his forever home. Can you help MSRNT with Aldo’s surgical and medical expenses?

Thank you for your generosity.

Make Donation for Aldo’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $3279


Carol Fenstermaker  $   25

Alice NeSmith           $   200

Kristy Boog-Scott      $   200

Rachel Underwood   $   100

George Gibson         $     50

Jerry Burns               $     25

Kelli Dever                $   100

Tara Clark                 $     25

James Harris            $     50

Melanie Machado     $1,000



Eli 1638  Adopted

Dear Santa,

My family that I lived with for 8 years took me to a shelter and left me there. I am a very good boy and I don’t know why they didn’t want me, but it made me very sad.  I am happy now though, because one day some very nice people called MSRNT came and brought me home with them.  They are giving me lots of love and taking great care of me.  I am a healthy boy, but I have problems seeing.  My foster Mom says I have something called cataracts, but the good news Santa is that the doctor can fix them with something called surgery and I will be able to see again!  I am very excited about that, but it will cost a lot of money to fix my eyes.  Santa, I think you know lots of people, and I was hoping that you could ask them if they have a little extra money to please send it to MSRNT so they can help me see again.  Then, maybe a nice family will see how sweet I am and want to adopt me.  I would love to have another home of my very own and a family to love and play with.  I have my paws crossed, hoping for a very special holiday gift from you, Santa, and your friends.  Love, Eli

The veterinary care this dog needs totals $ 3900.  We greatly appreciate your help in getting this deserving pet ready for its forever family.

Thank you for your generosity

Make Donation for Eli’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $3990


Melanie Machado       $3,000

Lisa Harper                 $   100

Deborah Kirchdorfer   $   850

Barry Baker                $     25



Jessie 1633  Adopted

This sweet 8-year-old boy came to MSRNT with bladder stones, which have been successfully removed with surgery. These stones are now being analyzed to determine what supplements will be necessary to avoid future stones. This guy has some other special needs, and will remain on a prescription dog food. We expect him to be recovered and ready for adoption in mid-December. His foster Mom calls him a ‘precious adorable little boy,’ and he loves being a lap dog, often reaching out with his paw to touch her arm. Do you have room in your heart and your home for this special boy? Like other senior dogs, Jessie still has a lot of love to give to a deserving family. Can you help MSRNT with Jessie’s expenses while he awaits a forever home?

Thank you for your generosity

Make Donation for Jessie’s’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $1200


Jerry Burns        $  25

Kedron Pogue   $100

James Harris     $  50

Barry Baker       $  50


Buttons  Adopted

Sweet Buttons is a six year old girl who was surrendered to MSRNT when her owner could no longer care for her. She arrived in rescue needing help with Atopic Dermatitis, which is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that results from untreated allergies. The allergies can cause symptoms like excessive itching, scratching and grooming, and rashes, watery eyes, paw chewing and skin inflammation. Left untreated this condition can progressively worsen and result in infections, skin thickening and hair loss. This little girl is much more comfortable now that she is being treated with antibiotics, anti-fungal meds and medicated baths, but the treatments will have to continue for some time until her hair grows back and her skin tissues are repaired. Any allergy sufferer can relate to Buttons’ misery, but with your help for medical expenses MSRNT will get this girl treated, comfortable and ready for a loving forever home.

Thank you for your generosity:

Make Donation for Button’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $761


Jerry Burns            $   25

Melanie Machado  $ 500



Poppy 1624  Adopted

Poppy is an 18 month-old puppy who came to MSRNT from a shelter with an old leg injury. Our x-rays revealed that her hip was dislocated. She had learned to compensate and was a playful girl, but without repairs for the injury she would face pain and problems in her later years. Our vet has performed a femoral head ostectomy, a surgical procedure that removes the head and neck of the bone from the femur. With proper care and post-op physical therapy we expect Poppy to regain close to her normal range of motion in her hip joint. She will need to get the leg moving right away and also have some post-op rehabilitation to encourage her to bear weight on the leg and use it properly. This will help Poppy have the best chance at recovery, and be ready for a loving family who will take great care of her. Can you help MSRNT pay for Poppy’s surgery and rehab to get this youngster ready for a new home?Thank you for your generosity:

Make Donation for Poppy’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $761


Jerry Burns $     25
Melanie Machado $ 1,000

Bella 1623  Adopted

These two sweeties were surrendered after their Mom passed away, and Dad works long hours and wanted them to have a family where they would not spend so much time alone. These two are siblings, 8-year-old Bella, a phantom Schnauzer, and her salt and pepper brother, Buster. Unfortunately, we found that they needed some serious dental work, and during Bella’s spaying we discovered that she had pyometra (a uterine infection as a result of hormonal changes), which can be fatal if not treated. Lucky for Bella and Buster, MSRNT is giving them the care they need, but we’ve got some bigger vet bills to pay as a result. They will soon be ready for adoption, and since they are a bonded pair, we would like them to find a forever home where someone will be lucky enough to remain together. We’d love your help with their vet bills, and please apply to adopt them if you are interested!

Thank you for your generosity:

Make Donation for Bells’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense:$ 1336.00


Laura Bennett        $  50

Jerry Burns            $  50

Martha Henson      $  50

Rebecca Wild        $  50

Melanie Machado  $500

 Dezzie and Dak  Adopted

These adorable puppies had a rough start in life, when at 7 weeks old they contracted the parvo virus, which is highly contagious and can be life threatening—especially in puppies—if not treated. Over the July 4 weekend these pups had to go into emergency care and be isolated and treated.  After the holiday, Dak was able to go back to his foster home while Dezzie had to stay in the hospital 3 more days. The great news is that both of these sweet pups have fully recovered, and are back romping and playing while they wait for their forever home.  They racked up a sizeable bill during their treatment, and MSRNT would be delighted if you could help us with their emergency care and other veterinary expenses.

Make Donation for Dezzie and Dak’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $3087.00


Melanie  Machado $500
Jimmy Ginn $100
Amanda Chapman $ 50
Jody Green $ 50
Gregory Bier $250
Kathleen M Wilkens $ 50
Brenda Pratt $150
Jerry Burns $ 25
Lynn Lawrance $ 25

Roxy –Adopted

Roxy was a stray, sitting in shelter, where her chances of adoption were slim due to her condition at that time. Upon arrival at MSRNT, her urine was tinged with pink and a large rock solid mass could be felt on her abdomen.

Fortunately for Roxy, her chances of survival increased considerably once she was in our hands. At an emergency medical appointment, she was found to have two enormous bladder stones which were immediately removed. At the same time, she received a much-needed dental with a couple tooth extractions.

Feeling pretty rough, Roxy returned to her foster home where she awaits the stone cytology and lab results. We are keeping our paws crossed for a good report but, in the meantime, we have incurred medical expenses beyond the average and sure could use some help! If you would like to play a role in giving little Roxy this second chance in life, please help us. Any amount will be sincerely appreciated!

Make Donation for Roxy’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $1652.00


Roger Schacht $ 50
Cletse Bishopp $ 25
Lynn Lawrance $ 25
Darlene Berry $ 50
Alice NeSmith $100
Jerry Burns $ 25
Janis Estrada $ 50
James Harris $ 50
Barry Baker $ 40



MSRNT would like to thank those who donated so generously to help us with Tony’s medical care. Sadly, in spite of all of the medical efforts on his behalf, Tony succumbed to complications from heartworms on March 26.

He was loved and well cared for in his foster home until the end. To honor Tony’s memory, MSRNT hopes that this tragedy will underscore the importance that ALL pets receive monthly heartworm treatment. This disease is fatal, and is easily preventable with the once per month medication.

Make Donation for Tony’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $1652.00


Name Donation
Alice NeSmith $100.00
James Harris $50.00
Janis Estrada $40.00
Barry Baker $40.00
Jerry Burns $25.00