How to Adopt

MSRNT is happy that you want to “Opt to Adopt!”

All adopters must complete an application that provides information used by MSRNT to thoroughly screen all prospective owners. This ensures that every dog will go to an appropriate home that meets our adoption criteria. Adopted animals must be kept current on vaccines and monthly heartworm preventive medication. They must never be chained or tied to trees or fences or kept in garages, etc. Our adopted dogs must be ‘house dogs,’ not exclusive ‘yard dogs’.  If the owner of a dog adopted from MSRNT is unable to keep an adopted animal—for any reason—the dog must be returned to MSRNT, no questions asked. The dog cannot be sold, traded or disposed of in any way.

Please completely fill out then submit your ADOPTION APPLICATION. Our Application Coordinator will contact you soon after submission. Please be patient. We are a small, all- volunteer group.  We do not adopt on-site at adoption events, and require an approved application, a veterinary reference and a home inspection to ensure our dogs will be well cared for and live in a safe environment.

Out of State Applications

Please note: We don’t ship or allow 3rd party transport of any of our dogs. We do not allow our dogs to travel in the cargo compartment of an airplane. To be considered, you will need to travel to our area to meet the dog and we would require you and everyone in the household AND current pets to come meet the dog. It also could take multiple trips to find the right dog. Additional distance restrictions may also apply. You will be contacted and required to submit photos of your home and yard for review.

A non-refundable adoption donation of $300 (tax-deductible) to MSRNT represents less than half of the average medical care cost per dog incurred by the organization, but it does help defray the expenses associated of preparing the dog for a forever home.

We want our dogs to have a loving home, and work to make each adoption a success.  Our policy is to tell adopters everything we know about the dog’s background, medical needs, and all behavior observed in foster care.  We cannot be sure that we have seen all aspects of how the Schnauzer will behave in every situation it may encounter.  We openly disclose and address any known or discovered medical conditions, but of course cannot predict any future medical needs.

When you “Opt to Adopt” from MSRNT your ADOPTION PACKAGE INCLUDES:

  • Neuter/Spay
  • Veterinary General Wellness Exam
  • Vaccinations: Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella
  • Heartworm Test, Treatment if necessary
  • A 6-month supply of Heart Worm Preventative
  • Fecal Test and De-worming
  • Teeth Cleaning, if needed
  • Grooming, New Lupine Brand Collar
  • Microchip Placement and Tag
  • Registration of your Microchip with 24PetWatch