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Working on Healthy ‘Smiles’

One of the most important bits of regular maintenance that Schnauzers need is a professional dental cleaning by your vet.  This is not a cosmetic issue, but one that can seriously affect your dog’s health.  Left untreated, tartar buildup on dogs’ teeth can be the root of many serious health problems—most of which are preventable by regular cleanings (one per year, or as recommended by your vet based on their findings). 

Right now, MSRNT has quite a few recently rescued dogs whose teeth did not receive proper dental attention. As a result, these sweet babies had many loose and diseased teeth that had to be removed as part of their dental cleaning.  The good news is that their mouths will heal, and they will still be wonderful adoptable pets, able to eat normally.  Extractions are expensive, so we really could use your help in covering some of these bills, which range from $950 – $1,700 per dog.

Thanks for your help—and remember to take care of your own dog’s teeth!

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Pets in medical treatment.

Bridget 1738

MSRNT does everything possible to get our dogs in top shape prior to adoption.  Although sweet Bridget is longing for her forever home, she first must undergo surgery to treat her ‘cherry eye’ condition.  This condition is the prolapse of the third eyelid, which helps protect her eye.  This eyelid contains a tear gland that promotes oxygen supply and is responsible for a portion of the tear production of the eye. When working properly, the third eyelid is tucked away and can’t be seen. When the anchoring tissue is not working correctly, this third eyelid can protrude, producing a very red lump in the inside corner of the eye. While it’s not usually painful for dogs, this eyelid helps protect the eye, and MSRNT wants to ensure its health.  Bridget’s recovery time will be about six weeks, after which this sweet girl will be ready for adoption.  Can you help MSRNT cover the expenses of Bridget’s eye surgery?

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Jennifer Massel $ 50

Deb Spencer $ 20

Jerry Burns $ 25

Darlene Berry $ 25

Melanie Machado $ 300


Story coming soon.

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Jerry Burns $ 25


Story coming soon.

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Juliet Nations-Powell $100

Jerry Burns $ 25

Terri Granger $ 50

Darlene Berry $ 25

Melanie Machado $ 500


Kristi 1713 and Pointer 1714 -ADOPTED


These two dogs were surrendered to MSRNT after they were attacked by other dogs, and because their family could not afford the veterinary care that they needed, they went several days without treatment. MSRNT stepped in to rescue the dogs, and immediately provided medical care, which included the treatment of complex puncture wounds, and surgery to repair a hernia that resulted from the attack. Kristi and Pointer are now on the mend, but are scared and will need to be re-socialized and regain trust in humans. MSRNT is providing great care, but can you help us with their medical expenses? We would be most appreciative.

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BBLOOMS, INC           $    150

Richard Knox             $      25

Sharon Whitrock       $    200

James Harris               $      50

Melanie Machado      $ 1,000

Jerry Burns                  $    25

Sandra Hernandez     $    30

Jason Weber                $     25

Eugenie Guynn           $  100

Robyn Burrows           $   50

Pongo 1675  ADOPTED

At the tender age of just 2-3 years old, this sweet boy was brutally attacked by another dog in the family. He was surrendered to a shelter, but MSRNT came to the rescue and rushed this boy to the vet to receive treatment and care for his wounds.  His ear was especially battered in the attack, and right now he is resting in his foster home while his physical wounds finish healing, hopefully without complications or infection.  In the meantime, we have discovered that he is a very sweet and loving boy.  He is quite the lap dog, rides well in the car, and loves snuggling with his foster mom.  He is pretty quiet relative to other dogs in the home, and sits for his food.  He gets two thumbs up from the mailman, who sees this boy and other foster dogs during walks and thinks he’s a ‘good one’.  Can you help us with funds for Pongo’s medical care and recovery?

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Gail Grenert                           $     50

Jerry Burns                            $     25

Tim & Stefanie Nietert         $   300

Shawna Yeates                      $     20

Melanie Machado                 $   400

Sandra Hernandez               $     90



Hope was rescued from a horrific cruelty situation, where her two back legs had been removed non-surgically just below the knees some time ago–presumably by her owner–who was found and is now facing animal cruelty charges.  Hope weighs about 13 pounds, and has blossomed in foster care.  She loves everyone she meets.  In her foster home, this gentle soul is learning about love, kindness, and exceptional care.  She is very friendly and loves other dogs, and is great with cats and older kids.  Despite her handicap, Hope still manages to get around quite well and is a healthy girl—estimated to be about 8 months old.  She has been spayed, and MSRNT is now working to enhance her mobility.  She is beginning regular physical therapy that will help her learn to walk with assistance from a special harness that supports her hind end, and relieves pressure on her back.  This will help her transition to a custom wheelchair/cart device.  Once she stops growing, she can be evaluated for a prosthetic leg.  If you would like to show your support for this precious girl by helping us financially with her physical therapy and related costs—or if you are the right family that can commit to giving this angel a forever home—PLEASE donate or fill out an adoption application for her.  This is an exceptionally sweet girl, who shows love and affection, and deserves a lifetime of love and kindness.

Sometimes a dog’s story is so horrific and sickening that it’s hard to share, but a dog we’ve named Hope now has a second chance for the life she deserves thanks to MSRNT. This one-two year old girl had been dumped by her owner and then picked up by animal control in the middle of a road. They determined that her two back legs had been removed non-surgically just below the knees some time ago–presumably by her owner–who was found and is now facing animal cruelty charges. Hope’s legs have healed, and despite the unimaginable brutality, she is a sweet dog who still manages to get around with

her handicap.

The vet says she is healthy, and she will soon be spayed. We will work on how to help enhance her mobility, and in the meantime she is being shown kindness and lots of love in a foster home, where she is already responding and learning to trust. If you would like to show your support for this precious girl by helping us financially—or if you are interested in giving this angel a forever home—PLEASE donate or fill out an adoption application for her.

Make Donation for Hope’s expenses via Paypal.


Sue May                          $   100

Nancy Heigl                    $1,000

Rania Blaik                      $     10

Suzanne Davis                $     30

Steve Wade                      $     50


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Ryker 1664  ADOPTED


We’re happy to report that over the past few months Ryker has been slowly but steadily recovering from the very rough condition he was in when MSRNT rescued him. His wounds have healed, and his progress and recovery from a complicated surgery to save his front leg is pleasing his doctors.  He continues to have regular re-checks on his leg at the vet, and the great news is that by early-mid June he should be fully recovered and ready to go to his forever home.  Unfortunately, the first part of his recovery was dependent upon being immobile as possible, but he’s now able to be up and around, bearing more and more weight on his leg.  He is now off pain meds and is happy to be on the move–but even when he was enduring pain and discomfort, his sweet disposition was still intact.  He has charmed his foster Mom, and the few others he has met. In the coming weeks, he’ll be ready to attend adoption events and show off his great personality and Schnauzer good looks, and start dropping the few extra pounds he put on while laying low in his crate.  We look forward to having everyone meet Ryker, and are anxious to learn which lucky family will be bringing Ryker to his forever home.  A huge thanks to all who have supported, and continue to contribute to Ryker’s medical needs!

Ryker has had a tough road, but we’re so grateful to have rescued him.  He arrived with a front leg dangling, multiple lacerations, scrotum burns and a broken tooth.  He took a hard hit from an unknown source, and even though he was in great pain, he wagged his tail as we took him to emergency treatment.  Ryker underwent a complicated surgery to repair his front leg, and he was neutered.  He now requires kennel rest for 4-6 weeks, and then must be treated for heartworms.  The great news is that he is a super sweet boy, even while dealing with painful injuries.   He has a long road of recovery and treatment ahead, and we could really use some help with his medical expenses.  His initial care cost more than $2,600, and we expect to spend another $1,000 for the remaining care needed.  Can you help this sweet boy recover, and get ready to meet his forever family?

Make Donation for Ryker’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $2,600


Caron Peck                   $   100

Danny Kraft                  $   100

Ron Baker                     $   100

Barbara Zapata             $   100

Brenda Pratt                  $   150

Jerry Burns                    $     25

Melanie Machado          $1,000

Sherry Patterson            $    50

Seallie Bonnette             $    25

Gregory Bier                   $  500

Kristy Boog-Scott            $  100

Dena 1647   ADOPTED


We’re so excited about how our sweet Dena has progressed.  Her cataract surgery was a success, and she is healing nicely.  Of course, now that she can see, her personality is blossoming, and she is enjoying the favorite Schnauzer activities of watching out the window, chasing squirrels and playing.  After she is fully healed, she will be ready for a forever family, where she will know a lifetime of love.  We cannot say thank you enough to everyone who was so generous in donating to MSRNT to pay for her surgery.  Your generous gifts were a tremendous blessing to this special girl.

Dena is a very sweet girl, about 8 years old, who was surrendered to MSRNT because she was blind.  She has cataracts, which have slowed her down a bit, so she moves slowly through her foster home so she doesn’t hit doors or walls too hard.  She has been evaluated by a specialist, and the good news is that she’s a very good candidate for cataract surgery!   What a difference being able to see will make for this little girl. Her foster Mom says she is a sweetheart, who is easy to have around the house.  At a recent adoption event, she cuddled up on a lap and enjoyed being petted.  She has had several litters of puppies before, but she’s now been spayed and is looking forward to a life where she can be a beloved family pet instead of a puppy maker.  Cataract surgery is expensive — $4,000 for both eyes.  Can you help MSRNT give this little angel a new life where she can see her new world with a family who will cherish her?

Thank you for your generosity.

Make Donation for Dena’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $3947


Roger Brownlow         $  200

Jerry Burns                  $    25

Amanda Wilbur          $    50

Darlene Berry             $    25

Ronald Smith               $  100

Melanie Machado       $2,000

Jimmy Ginn                  $  100

Aldo 1645  Adopted

Aldo is a sweet, happy and playful 3-year-old boy that came to MSRNT with a broken leg. He runs around using just three of his legs, holding up one of his rear legs. Our vet believes that due to the nature of the break, and the amount of scar tissue and muscle loss, that it cannot successfully be repaired surgically, and recommends amputation. While we would love to save his leg, it is not feasible, so we will proceed with the amputation of one of his rear legs in early January. Within about a month, this sweet, lovable boy will be ready for his forever home. Can you help MSRNT with Aldo’s surgical and medical expenses?

Thank you for your generosity.

Make Donation for Aldo’s expenses via Paypal below

Medical Expense: $3279


Carol Fenstermaker  $   25

Alice NeSmith           $   200

Kristy Boog-Scott      $   200

Rachel Underwood   $   100

George Gibson         $     50

Jerry Burns               $     25

Kelli Dever                $   100

Tara Clark                 $     25

James Harris            $     50

Melanie Machado     $1,000

Seallie Bonnette       $     25

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