ICU Pets Needing Donations

Jango – Adopted

Jango came to us from wait out in the country in Nacogdoches. We took him into our program because his owner was unable to financially provide the medical treatment that Jango so badly needed. You see, Jango has severe allergy issues, and unfortunately, they got completely out of hand while he was in Waxahachie. This little boy was experiencing such agonizing itching; he scratched his poor skin non-stop. By the time we got him, his skin was severely inflamed, bloody and swollen. There was almost no hair left. We immediately took him to one of our trusted vets, who cleaned and soothed Jango’s skin. He was put on allergy and topical medication and antibiotics. He also takes medicated baths three times a week. His hair is slowly starting to come back, and his skin is slowly returning to health. Jango has a long way to go, but we’re committed to his continued care and, eventually, to his successful adoption. As most of you know, we can only provide this level of care because of all your kind and charitable donations. Thank you for helping us give Jango the care that he deserves and the exciting opportunity to meet his next fur-ever family!


James Harris$ 50
Jerry Burns$ 25

Coleen- Adopted

Coleen is the sweetest little senior girl. She’s curious but calm and so resilient! This precious baby had so much going on when we received her into our program: three tumors, one of them ruptured, and stones weighing down her bladder causing her to feel the need to urinate pretty much all the time. Fortunately, thanks to our supremely generous donors, we’ve been able to remove the tumors and bladder stones. At this point, we’re waiting on the outcome of the test on the tumors, and we have Miss Coleen on the right diet to keep her bladder stone free. She’s also had her dental work done. This poor baby has stitches and staples up and down her body; it’s so heartbreaking to see! However, despite all of it, she’s a friendly and patient little mini, never complaining or whining, always willing to say hi to new people and even play a little with the other minis in our program. If you would be willing to help us with the cost of Coleen’s three surgeries and other potential treatments needed in the future, we would be forever grateful. Thank you so much for your patronage!


Darlene Berry$ 25
Jerry Burns$ 25


Riley came to MSRNT with severe bladder stone issues. His owner couldn’t afford to provide him with the medical care that he needed; so she surrendered him to us. Riley also has significant allergy issues and needs regular allergy shots to keep his condition controlled. MSRNT took Riley to one of our amazing vets to have his bladder stones surgically removed. Typically, after a dog has bladder stone surgery, there’s a 50% chance that they will return. Bladder stones affect certain types of breeds more than others and are largely a result of heredity, although diet and medications can make a big difference. After Riley’s surgery, we sent the stones off to be tested for composition. Like most other male dogs, Riley had calcium oxalate stones. Since his surgery, we’ve put him on a diet and medication that ensures minimal calcium and oxalate in his bladder. Riley is a special and resilient little boy who deserves a forever home and family. Because we’ve has taken these extra steps with Riley, we’re confident that he can be a happy and healthy little schnauzer. MSRNT is asking for donations to help recoup some of the extra expenses we’ve had to make to get Riley prepared for a successful adoption. Thank you to our generous donors! 


Cindy Ousey$ 500.00
Darlene Berry$ 30.00
Janet Walls$ 500.00
Jerry Burns$ 25.00

Brutus – Adopted

Well when it rains, it pours! MSRNT has taken another mini into our rescue program that has severe bladder stone problems. Little Brutus came to us due to the health of his owner, but after a medical evaluation, we discovered that his health was in need of care as well.  Our vet performed a cystotomy on Brutus to remove his stones, and we sent them off for testing. We found that Brutus was dealing with the same type of stones as Riley: calcium oxalate stones. Since then, we’ve put Brutus on the appropriate type of food and medication to protect him from having this same issue again. At MSRNT, we’re committed to doing everything possible to help our minis find a loving and lasting forever family. We know how important it is to take the extra diagnostic steps to fulfill that commitment. Because this commitment sometimes comes at a steep price, we rely on our wonderful donors to help keep us afloat. If you’re able to donate to Brutus’ continuing care, we would be so thankful. Remember, your donations go directly to caring for our rescue schnauzers. Thank you for your generosity! 


Beth Kelley$ 20.00
Cindy Ousey$ 500.00
Darlene Berry$ 30.00
Janet Walls$ 500.00
Jerry Burns$ 25.00

Zoe- Adopted

Another serious ICU case has come to us in the form of a young adult female named Zoe. Zoe is diagnosed with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE). This illness is characterized by acute vomiting and intense bloody diarrhea. When we took Zoe, she was so dehydrated; she could barely lift her head. If we hadn’t rescued her when we did, she probably would have passed away within the next twelve hours. As it stands now, Zoe is in critical care at a local vet hospital, where she’s on IV fluids and medication. She’s been presented with wet dog food, but has to yet to show any interest in it. Friends, this is another supremely difficult case where we don’t know what the middle or indeed the end looks like. Miss Zoe has a long road ahead of her to become healthy again, but MSRNT is committed to seeing her get there. As most dog lovers know, a twenty-four hour critical care hospital visit, IV fluids and medication and other potential diagnostic tests and treatments can all add up to an extremely expensive vet bill. MSRNT will take the steps needed to give this little girl every opportunity at health and happiness. However, we can only take each step because of our kind and generous benefactors. If you can donate to Zoe’s health and happiness, please do so. This little mini simply wants a kind home with a loving family. Only with your help, can we make that possible.


Darlene Berry$ 25
Jerry Burns$ 25
Jon Phillips$ 120
Nichael Bosley$ 4.25

Angel – Adopted

Angel came to us after bleeding for three months. Her owner had been using diapers to control the bleeding, but it was obvious that Angel was in pain and needed professional care. Angel’s owner was not able to give her the treatment that she needed; so she did the next best thing: she called MSRNT. We took Angel to one of our vets for diagnostic testing. He’s done a urinalysis, sonogram and blood panel. We’ve been told that Angel has a severe bladder infection. There’s also a dark spot in her bladder that the doctor said could possibly be a mass. The doctor has put her on strong antibiotics, and we’ve scheduled more diagnostics for next week. Throughout all these tests, Angel has behaved so beautifully. She hasn’t whined or gotten snippy with us or the vet. She’s going through a difficult time in a strange place with strange people, but we think she recognizes that we’re trying to help her feel better. We’re also showering her with love and affection. She’s a special little girl who would make a great pet to a deserving person or family. With this thought in mind, as well as the future diagnostics and treatment that may be needed to bring her back to health, MSRNT is humbly asking for donations to help us take care of this adorable little mini. In the Big Book, we’re told to be hospitable to strangers for we could be entertaining angels unaware. Well, this little Angel needs lots of hospitality, comfort and love. Will you please join us in caring for her?


Alice Wallis$ 300
Darlene Berry$ 25
Jack C Wright, Jr$ 30
Jerry Burns$ 25
Joslyn Canneus$ 60
Kathleen Wilkens$ 75


emmitt groomed

Emmitt’s UPDATE:

Emmitt is feeling so much better with his new hair style.

MSRNT is proud and relieved to announce that Emmitt seems to be feeling much better. His wounds are healing nicely, and we can tell that he’s so much happier now that he’s able to move around more freely. Because of all your thoughtful donations, MSRNT was able to pick up this sweet, injured stray schnauzer and get him the medical attention he so desperately needed.

Emmitt came to MSRNT through a shelter in south Fort Worth. The shelter had picked him up as a stray, and no one had chosen to claim or adopt him. Emmitt arrived very matted and walking on three legs. He held up his fourth leg as if it had been injured. MSRNT suspected a broken bone and noted the severe sores and oozing on his leg.

emmitt before


This little guy must have gotten into some pretty rough stuff! Emmitt was immediately taken to the vet, where they shaved off his matted hair to get a better look at his leg. They were surprised to see that after his hair trim, Emmitt walked uninhibited on all four legs. He didn’t have a broken leg after all! His hair had gotten so matted and tangled that it actually kept him from walking freely. The nasty sores on his legs and the oozing were there because his hair had pulled his skin so tightly that it had actually broken it. The vet said that Emmitt’s matting had been so bad, it was essentially like wearing clothes that were four times too tight for him! Emmitt is still currently being observed and treated at the vet. He was put on antibiotics for his sores, and they are slowly starting to heal. Because we have no medical records on Emmitt, he’s being watched closely and carefully by our wonderful vet clinic.

MSRNT is so grateful to our generous donors who give so freely to help these precious little fur-babies find happy new homes and families. Thank you for your donations. We’ll keep you all updated on Emmitt.

Donations Made:

Dedra Pfarrdrescher$ 100
Gary Isaacs$ 25
Jennifer Massel$ 50
Jerry Burns$ 25
Michael Bosley$ 5


Sweet, little Heidi came to MSRNT as a stray from way out in Hood County. Suspected to be about 9 years old, Heidi experienced a hard life without an owner to love and care for her. She currently weighs about 15 pounds, but her healthy weight should be about 22 pounds. Poor Heidi came to MSRNT emaciated, with significant hair loss due to poor nutrition and sores on her skin. She was diagnosed with anemia and Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), otherwise known as dry eye, which has left her partially blind. KCS is characterized by a dog’s tear ducts drying up and failing to properly moisten the cornea. Unfortunately, once the illness starts, it is most likely irreversible. MSRNT is currently treating Heidi’s KCS and anemia, as well as working on her nutrition to get her weight up to what it should be. Heidi has a long road ahead of her, but MSRNT is committed to seeing  this adorable, little girl heal and eventually thrive in a happy and loving new home. Please consider donating to help treat Heidi’s hurting body. With the help of generous donations, MSRNT looks forward to seeing Heidi experience a new world of love, health and happiness.


Melanie Machado$500
Jerry Burns$25
Darlene Berry$25
Lawrence Enoch$75
Rev. Chantel Nelson$40
Jamie Bladen$11

Working on Healthy Smiles

Schnauzers need is a professional dental cleaning by your vet. This is not a cosmetic issue, but one that can seriously affect your dog’s health.

Left untreated, tartar buildup on dogs’ teeth can be the root of many serious health problems—most of which are preventable by regular cleanings (one per year, or as recommended by your vet based on their findings). Right now, MSRNT has quite a few recently rescued dogs whose teeth did not receive proper dental attention. As a result, these sweet babies had many loose and diseased teeth that had to be removed as part of their dental cleaning. The good news is that their mouths will heal, and they will still be wonderful adoptable pets, able to eat normally. Extractions are expensive, so we really could use your help in covering some of these bills, which range from $950 – $1,700 per dog

Thanks for your help—and remember to take care of your own dog’s teeth!


Darlene Berry           $ 50

Mary Ann Neuroth  $ 10

Melanie Machado     $ 200

Roger Schacht           $   50



Bergen – ADOPTED

Bergen was a country boy when he came to MSRNT. He was a field dog that bore all the skin conditions a dog with allergies would have if living in a field. When MSRNT took him, his skin looked like an elephant’s, cracked and crusty with scarred and open sores and a huge flea problem. He had patches of hair missing, and he was also diagnosed with a pretty bad ear infection. MSRNT immediately put him on antibiotics, topical creams and bathed him with medicated shampoo to heal the sores and start sloughing off the dry skin. Soon, Bergen’s skin turned new and pink, and peach fuzz signified new hair growth. While Bergen is doing better, MSRNT is still dealing with the costs of treating his skin. Bergen will be taken back to the vet in the next few weeks to have a check-up on his ear and see how his new skin is coming along. Please consider donating to help MSRNT recoup the costs of Bergen’s treatment. This happy, loving boy is on the road to recovery and will soon meet his new, forever family thanks to all of our generous donors.


Jerry Burns                   $  25

Mary Ann Neuroth      $  10

Melanie Machado        $ 300

Janet Walls                   $ 300



Bridget – ADOPTED

MSRNT does everything possible to get our dogs in top shape prior to adoption. Although sweet Bridget is longing for her forever home, she first must undergo surgery to treat her ‘cherry eye’ condition. This condition is the prolapse of the third eyelid, which helps protect her eye. This eyelid contains a tear gland that promotes oxygen supply and is responsible for a portion of the tear production of the eye. When working properly, the third eyelid is tucked away and can’t be seen. When the anchoring tissue is not working correctly, this third eyelid can protrude, producing a very red lump in the inside corner of the eye. While it’s not usually painful for dogs, this eyelid helps protect the eye, and MSRNT wants to ensure its health. Bridget’s recovery time will be about six weeks, after which this sweet girl will be ready for adoption. Can you help MSRNT cover the expenses of Bridget’s eye surgery?


  • Jennifer Massell $50
  • Deb Spencer $20
  • Jerry Burns $25
  • Darelene Berry $25
  • Melanie Machado $300
  • Janet Walls  $ 350


Coming soon….


Juliet Nations-Powell $100

Jerry Burns $ 25

Terri Granger $ 50

Darlene Berry $ 25

Melanie Machado $ 500

Janet Walls   $ 350

Angela Renbarger-Morrison   $30



Kristi & Pointer – ADOPTED

These two dogs were surrendered to MSRNT after they were attacked by other dogs, and because their family could not afford the veterinary care that they needed, they went several days without treatment. MSRNT stepped in to rescue the dogs, and immediately provided medical care, which included the treatment of complex puncture wounds, and surgery to repair a hernia that resulted from the attack. Kristi and Pointer are now on the mend, but are scared and will need to be re-socialized and regain trust in humans. MSRNT is providing great care, but can you help us with their medical expenses? We would be most appreciative.


  • BBLOOMS, INC: $150
  • Richard Knox: $25
  • Sharon Whitrock: $200
  • James Harris: $50
  • Melanie Machado: $1,000
  • Jerry Burns: $25
  • Sandra Hernandez: $30
  • Jason Weber: $25
  • Eugenie Guynn: $100
  • Robyn Burrows: $50
  • Janet Walls: $ 500


Hope was rescued from a horrific cruelty situation, where her two back legs had been removed non-surgically just below the knees some time ago–presumably by her owner–who was found and is now facing animal cruelty charges.  Hope weighs about 13 pounds, and has blossomed in foster care.  She loves everyone she meets.  In her foster home, this gentle soul is learning about love, kindness, and exceptional care.  She is very friendly and loves other dogs, and is great with cats and older kids.  Despite her handicap, Hope still manages to get around quite well and is a healthy girl—estimated to be about 8 months old.  She has been spayed, and MSRNT is now working to enhance her mobility.  She is beginning regular physical therapy that will help her learn to walk with assistance from a special harness that supports her hind end, and relieves pressure on her back.  This will help her transition to a custom wheelchair/cart device.  Once she stops growing, she can be evaluated for a prosthetic leg.  If you would like to show your support for this precious girl by helping us financially with her physical therapy and related costs—or if you are the right family that can commit to giving this angel a forever home—PLEASE donate or fill out an adoption application for her.  This is an exceptionally sweet girl, who shows love and affection, and deserves a lifetime of love and kindness.

Sometimes a dog’s story is so horrific and sickening that it’s hard to share, but a dog we’ve named Hope now has a second chance for the life she deserves thanks to MSRNT. This one-two year old girl had been dumped by her owner and then picked up by animal control in the middle of a road. They determined that her two back legs had been removed non-surgically just below the knees some time ago–presumably by her owner–who was found and is now facing animal cruelty charges. Hope’s legs have healed, and despite the unimaginable brutality, she is a sweet dog who still manages to get around with her handicap.

The vet says she is healthy, and she will soon be spayed. We will work on how to help enhance her mobility, and in the meantime she is being shown kindness and lots of love in a foster home, where she is already responding and learning to trust. If you would like to show your support for this precious girl by helping us financially—or if you are interested in giving this angel a forever home—PLEASE donate or fill out an adoption application for her.


  • Sue May: $100
  • Nancy Heigl: $1,000
  • Rania Blaik: $10
  • Suzanne Davis: $30
  • Steve Wade: $50


We’re happy to report that over the past few months Ryker has been slowly but steadily recovering from the very rough condition he was in when MSRNT rescued him. His wounds have healed, and his progress and recovery from a complicated surgery to save his front leg is pleasing his doctors. He continues to have regular re-checks on his leg at the vet, and the great news is that by early-mid June he should be fully recovered and ready to go to his forever home. Unfortunately, the first part of his recovery was dependent upon being immobile as possible, but he’s now able to be up and around, bearing more and more weight on his leg.  He is now off pain meds and is happy to be on the move–but even when he was enduring pain and discomfort, his sweet disposition was still intact.  He has charmed his foster Mom, and the few others he has met. In the coming weeks, he’ll be ready to attend adoption events and show off his great personality and Schnauzer good looks, and start dropping the few extra pounds he put on while laying low in his crate.  We look forward to having everyone meet Ryker, and are anxious to learn which lucky family will be bringing Ryker to his forever home.  A huge thanks to all who have supported, and continue to contribute to Ryker’s medical needs!

Ryker has had a tough road, but we’re so grateful to have rescued him.  He arrived with a front leg dangling, multiple lacerations, scrotum burns and a broken tooth.  He took a hard hit from an unknown source, and even though he was in great pain, he wagged his tail as we took him to emergency treatment.  Ryker underwent a complicated surgery to repair his front leg, and he was neutered.  He now requires kennel rest for 4-6 weeks, and then must be treated for heartworms.  The great news is that he is a super sweet boy, even while dealing with painful injuries.   He has a long road of recovery and treatment ahead, and we could really use some help with his medical expenses.  His initial care cost more than $2,600, and we expect to spend another $1,000 for the remaining care needed.  Can you help this sweet boy recover, and get ready to meet his forever family?





Aldo is a sweet, happy and playful 3-year-old boy that came to MSRNT with a broken leg. He runs around using just three of his legs, holding up one of his rear legs. Our vet believes that due to the nature of the break, and the amount of scar tissue and muscle loss, that it cannot successfully be repaired surgically, and recommends amputation. While we would love to save his leg, it is not feasible, so we will proceed with the amputation of one of his rear legs in early January. Within about a month, this sweet, lovable boy will be ready for his forever home. Can you help MSRNT with Aldo’s surgical and medical expenses?

Thank you for your generosity.

Medical Expense: $3279


  • Carol Fenstermaker: $25
  • Alice NeSmith: $200
  • Kristy Boog-Scott: $200
  • Rachel Underwood: $100
  • George Gibson: $50
  • Jerry Burns: $25
  • Kelli Dever: $100
  • Tara Clark: $25
  • James Harris: $50
  • Melanie Machado: $1,000
  • Seallie Bonnette: $25

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